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Business Insurance

There are many facets to ensuring a business operates successfully. Proper business insurance coverage is one of the solutions to the continuance of, growth of, and security of a successful business. Click on any of our links to see how our solutions can help the sustainability of your business. 

Aviation Insurance

Aviation insurance is insurance coverage geared specifically to the operation of aircraft and the risks involved in aviation.

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Contractors All Risk Insurance

Contractors All Risks Insurance is an insurance policy specially designed for builders and a number of other construction trades.

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Money Insurance

This policy covers loss of money in transit due to robbery, loss of money in a safe, by burglary, robbery or hold-up.

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Property Insurance

Property insurance, including insurance on contents and or the building; cover includes loss caused by fire, earthquake, explosion, hurricane, and others.

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Workmen's Compensation/Employer's Liability Insurance

Employer's Liability covers your business in the event an employee is injured.

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Marine Hull & Liability Insurance

Marine Hull Insurance covers your yacht or pleasure craft, including outfit and equipment which would form part of the vessel's inventory.

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Liability Insurance

An insurance policy designed to protect an insured/business during performance of duties or business, against liability or injury that is caused to others.

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Bonding Insurance

Bonding Insurance, often simply called "bonding," is a way of insuring against loss caused by a lack of competence or by fraud or dishonesty.

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There are many companies, but not all of them you can count of when you really need them. I have recently experienced a situation in my life that had it not been for me making the right decision to enroll my family in the Air Ambulance coverage offered by D-3 Enterprises Limited, I would have been a widow today. --Hulda Romney

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